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Our method at Framed Listings is to use the post-edited photograph in combination with advanced virtual furniture technology to maximize your online and print marketing initiative.  We make sure shadows, sizing and composition are all done perfectly. We have 100s of options to choose from for whether it's the living room, family room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, office or the outdoors.

Why spend thousands of dollars staging a home, when technology is at your fingertips. This method is becoming known to be as effective compared to the traditional staging of vacant homes. We can help you in building that perfect virtual house staging with the use of stunning and luxurious virtual furniture to meet anyone's preference.



Often the first room you walk into, a living area is a popular place for families and friends to gather, watch TV or just relax. Show buyers how the space can work by adding a virtual couch with chaise, a TV with beautiful view on the screen and a trendy coffee table. Seeing how a space can work will help buyers imagine themselves living in the home.


Bedrooms without furniture can look rather drab and much smaller than they really are. Adding a bed, side tables, rug, lamps, mirror and chest of drawers can demonstrate just how big the room is and add life to the previously lifeless space.


The heart of the home, take advantage of the opportunity to declutter and restyle the kitchen to attract more buyers. A clean kitchen with modern styling will help a buyer imagine spending time with their family, cooking, eating and bonding in the central room of the home.


Great curb appeal is essential when selling a home. Take this chance to show buyers just how cute a three-piece garden setting can be in the front yard or add a timber bench near the flowers to show how the space can be utilized.


Create a new look for your office. More Engaging & Welcoming. 

352 options to choose from & growing

125 Living Rooms

103 Bedrooms

51 Kitchen/Dining

26 Outdoor/Patio

16 Textiles

13 Study Areas

7 Curtain/Cushion/Rugs

5 Fitness/Medical

3 Entertainment/Game Rooms

3 Bathrooms